Use the unnecessarily complex panel to control your magnet to gather as many golden objects as possible by throwing them in the boxes located at the bottom of the screen.

If you put anything else but gold in the boxes you'll lose points so be mindful of that!

You're free to play on the main menu for as long as you like. Get to know the control panel or just gather stuff at your own pace without the pressure of the clock.


Use your mouse to interact with EVERYTHING in the game.

Left Lever

Drag the lever to the direction you want the magnet to move. Keep in mind that once you let it go, it will be locked in position!

Magnet Button

Click the magnet button to toggle the magnet on and off. Mind the energy meter because if it depletes the magnet will turn itself off (for safety reasons, of course)!

Right Crank

Rotate the crank to increase/decrease the height of the magnet. It's particularly useful for avoiding bombs or preventing obstacles from bumping away your coins.


A game by Lascario Pacheco.


- Elevator Swing, by Chewanater.


- The Essential Retro Videogames Sound Effects Collection, by SubspaceAudio.


- Pixel Grafiti, by Matěj Hofman.


- My lovely girlfriend, Silvana Parra!  ❤️

Made in 24 hours for the Score Space Jam with the theme


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