This game was created with the theme A SMALL WORLD in mind, so you have to perform your roll calls in diorama-like small worlds.


This game only requires the mouse/touchpad to play.

[This game was created for the Low Stakes High Rolling 3 game jam]

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Tags3D, Cute, Experimental, party-game, Short

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OMG! 1st level is really easy, 2nd one is ok, but 3rd... INSANE! I still do not understand if  in the hard level bombs came out and exploding bombs change the number or it's just a distraction. It´s very difficult and this keep me trying and trying again which means LOT of entertainment hahahaha and about sound and music, I really love it! hope your game wins!

Thank you for taking the time to play my game! You’re the best!


I love the music, the voice and all the game. The hard level is insane I really enjoy it! Congrats and I will wait your next game!

Thank you for taking the time to try out my game! You rock!


Man, the hard level is a really good overall dynamic and is truly difficult! Congrats! I really liked the overall aestethic and how smooth the overall experience is.

if you want to check my entry to the jam: https://leo-calil.itch.io/elfs-nightmare

Thank you for taking the time to try my game and for your input! I sure will try yours!