Technomagii is an ARPG where the players get to mix multiple elements to create magical spells!

A blazing fire to hit multiple enemies at a time? Or maybe a pyro ball to preserve some energy for the next turn? It's all up to you in this light and fun game!

While you're outside of battles, you're free to explore the environments and interact with objects. Who knows, maybe you'll find a secret and uncover a new spell!

While you're in a battle, press Q to enter Spell Mode once your action bar loads. Create a spell by mixing elements using the WASD keys (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, respectively); then, take aim and CAST YOUR SPELL by left clicking or hitting the spacebar!

Mind your elemental orbs when you create your spells as you'll only recover one of each after every turn, and you can only carry a maximum of 3 orbs of each element at any time.

  • An experimental battle system based on casting spells on-the-go by mixing elemental orbs.
  • Light exploration mechanics and a chill pacing when you're not in battle.
  • Voxel graphics that make it all look pocket-sized and welcoming for all kinds of gamers.

This game was created as an entry for the Conexión Lúdica Game Jam 2021, where the theme was: LINK.


  • Aquino Font, by Shaped Fonts.
  • Sword Model, by TheCrafter.
  • Expressway Font, by Typodermic Fonts.
  • Forget, by acxle.
  • Call me Katla, Baby, by Dunderpatrullen.
  • TERVGSEC, by Open Game Art.
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsExperimental, Female Protagonist, Voxel


Technomagii for Windows 43 MB

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